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Certified Business Consultant

If you are looking to increase your skills and knowledge in the field of Business Consulting, the Convergenz Institute of Consulting is your answer.  We offer a rigorous curriculum that will improve the quality of work you provide your client base while giving you the ability to increase your fees.

Our research shows that Certified Business Consultants earn 50% more in fee income based consulting than their non-certified counterparts.

How do we work?

We have developed a proven, tested, and trusted process with real world testing and application.  All of the curricula is written by and taught by successful practitioners.  

We offer a multiple track program, allowing you the ability to specialize in your field of choice.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Register and choose your area of emphasis. Complete all course and field work as described in the syllabus. Successfully complete the final exam.



Below is an outline of the curriculum in our Associate Certified Business Consultant program:

Module 1 Overview of Consulting - Internal vs. External
Module 2 Identifying Your Expertise
Module 3 Client Interaction
Module 4 The Contracting Phase
Module 5 Defining the Problem
Module 6 Data Collection
Module 7 Data Analysis
Module 8 Alignment
Module 9 Testing
Module 10 Execution
Module 11 Controls for Accountability
Module 12 Building Your Practice - Getting Your Expertise Used


You will also be asked to choose one of the following areas of emphasis for your studies:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations and Process Improvement
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Upon the successful completion of all course work and field work, you will be eligible to sit for the final exam.  After successful completion of the exam, you will receive your digital PDF version of your certification as well as a physical copy which will be sent to you.  Additionally, you will be authorized to use the title Certified Business Consultant (CBC) after your name and on your resume.


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