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For Coaches

Jim met with his prospective client and did his best at describing the value he would bring to a coaching engagement.  The prospect was impressed with many of the ideas he proposed, but then asked Jim, "Are you a certified coach?"  Unfortunately, although Jim was a talented coach, he was not certified, and the prospect chose a different coach that held the certification.

Does this sound like you?  Our experience has demonstrated that coaches with certifications not only win more clients, but also charge, on average, 40% higher fees due to their high level of credentials and expertise.  Their referrals are also much higher due to the results experienced by their clients.

Have you been considering a certification program in the past, but haven't invested due to the up-front cost?  The Convergenz Institute of Coaching is your answer!

At the Convergenz Institute of Coaching, we believe getting the education and certification you need to better serve your clients should be affordable to the business coach just beginning their practices as well as the seasoned veterans that have been in practice for years.

Our aim at the Convergenz Institute of Coaching, is to help new and seasoned coaches, develop and perfect their craft, to have a positive impact on the clients to whom they serve, and build solid, healthy practices that will thrive in a competitive environment.  We also believe coaches should be in a cycle of continuous learning and as such have created a path with three distinct certifications.  Each of these certifications will be awarded upon successful completion of the required academic work, field work, and exam.

To ensure your success, you will have one of our Master Certified Business Coaches available to walk beside you through your journey.  You will find their experience to be valuable, not only to the completion of the curriculum but also to the success of your coaching practice.

Through the Convergenz Institute of Coaching, we offer certification programs to coaches seeking to develop and sharpen their skill sets, at an affordable cost.

You can take advantage of our partnership with Williamson College and earn undergraduate and graduate level credit as you pursue your Business Coach Certification. Through Williamson College, our Business Coach Certification curriculum is offered as a stand-alone Certificate Program or as a Minor in the School of Business.

For those, seeking a graduate level certificate, a deeper dive into the curriculum is offered through the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership with Business Coaching as an emphasis.

For those not seeking an academic certificate, the identical curriculum, with the same professors, is offered through the Convergenz Institute of Coaching at a discounted price.


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